BD 501 – Horn Silica Blends


The original biodynamic atmospheric spray, made from ground quartz crystal and other highly siliceous crystals.
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Horn Silica is the original biodynamic atmospheric spray made from ground quartz crystal and other highly siliceous crystals. Horn silica aids in photosynthesis, reduces susceptibility to diseases, enhances the quality of the final product including flavor, fragrance, shelf life, and essential oil content. Spray in the spring after the last frost and throughout the summer. Horn Silica from Biodynamic Source has been potentized with 24k gold.

Below is a list of Horn Silicas available for the 2023 season:

24 K Silica Blend
A specially prepared blend of 12 varieties of our 24k gold potentized horn silicas. This is a full-spectrum, “all in one” horn silica.

Trials have shown improved yields and quality in spherical forms such as cabbages and fruits.

Healing and balancing stone, and has been used for angelic communication.

A powerful cleanser and regenerator, recommended for use on citrus fruit.

Double Terminated Quartz Crystal
A magnificent specimen of double terminated quartz crystal found near the marble quarries of Marble, Colorado. One of our very best!

Gem-quality Quartz Crystal
Made from high quality pure crystal clear gem specimens of Quartz crystal.

Rose Quartz
The stone of Love and the Heart, Rose Quartz gently wards off negative energies, said to increase fertility.

Red Tourmaline
Cleanses, purifies, and transforms. Recommended for use on red grape vineyards.